Saturday, June 19, 2010

Internet Marketing

Some Basic Elements of Various Marketing Tools
Before taking a marketing tool, it is very important that the contractor has a thorough understanding of its elements. Some elements of these marketing tools have been discussed here. First Email Marketing: The basics of email marketing are: • Subject: It should communicate what the email is about. The actual number of beneficiaries to make the decision to open an e-mail or not just by looking at the subject line. • Content: The content of an e-mail contains promotional offers various information, industry news and other things that may be useful for the recipient. • Mailing List: This list contains all the e-mail as a promotional e-mail is sent.
2. Website: website includes the following components: • Company Information: This URL is data, company name and e-mail. • Logo: logo usually appears on the left or top right of the webpage. It should be noted that should appear in the same location on all website pages. • Web design: It includes a variety of images, colors, navigation bars and buttons. And 'the primary way to attract visitors. • Information about the company and its products, and links to other sites, etc.
3. brand enterprises: a brand of the company consists of a number of different things, some of which are listed here. • Logo: The logo is one of the most important elements of a company's image. It may be the image of the company with which the masses can be identified. • Motto: The motto is usually used to draw attention to a product or service and may entice a customer to go. • Products and services: What is offered by an enterprise is an important part of your image.
4th Flyers: Flyers have the following key elements: • Color: Background color and includes foreground color. It is important that there is a good contrast between the color and font folder. • Font size and type: The information in a leaflet distributed by the text. A flyer design goodwill have only one or two fonts and a font size uniform. • Graphics: Graphics Flyer include pictures or cartoons products used to spread the word. • Models: New flyers can be designed simply to make some adjustments to the models available.